Campus Security

Campus security is a high priority for the Administration of ISPP. The school maintains a picture ID system for access to the campuses. All staff, as well as students and their families are issued an ID that provides entry to campus during the school day and for after school activities. The same ID also provides access to school recreational facilities and library services.

The school also employs trained guards to ensure the campus is secure and entrance is private. Security camera’s throughout the campus ensures us the ability to constantly monitor activity within the campus. 

Emergency Procedures

ISPP requires students and staff to practice emergency drills to prepare for a variety of situations. During drills, students are expected to be quiet and orderly, go quickly to their assigned positions accompanied by a teacher, and remain there quietly until the signal to return is given. Each emergency procedure drill has its own designated bell signal.

In case of emergency and evacuation of the school, parents are contacted via established phone tree, e-mail, and text messages. Children are properly supervised during emergencies until released to their parents or designated adult.

Safety in Phnom Penh

Safety and Security are primary concerns for any international school. Phnom Penh is generally a safe city where students in groups can move about using local transportation (tuk-tuks, motos, and taxis) to frequent markets or restaurants. The campus is utilized by students and parent groups regularly, even outside of school hours and on weekends. All three of our campuses (Early Years Centre, Elementary, Secondary, and our Field Complex) are safe and secure environments.