ISPP has entered a new era involving the integration of technology to support and enhance student learning across grade levels and all subjects. Our programme is aligned with the IB framework that is founded on a continuum of age-appropriate skills and competencies that are taught explicitly and applied throughout all subject areas.

Technology at ISPP is embedded throughout the learning environment and utilized by all teachers. We expect our teachers to be or to become conversant with the various platforms we use. Students learn to become responsible digital citizens, developing positive digital identities, applying the latest technology tools to solve authentic problems in different contexts, and becoming well-versed in finding, accessing, critically evaluating, and using information from a variety of sources in a variety of media.

All students in Grades 6-10 are required to bring a MacBook for use at school. Across all grade levels, tools and strategies are utilized for empowering students to fully participate in a connected, technology-rich society.