First alumni event in Phnom Penh!


Eight former students got together for some casual reminiscing and reconnecting back at the ISPP Secondary School campus on 1 May, 2013. A couple of teachers and staff were also able to join! 

With the eight alums there, we covered the years 1989-2007 in ISPP's history. Memories flowed easily as we caught up with each other and heard stories about other students and teachers from our past. Things got a bit rowdy when we decided to recreate a classroom scene in the science labs as smart, sleepy, and naughty students! 

For those alumni in Phnom Penh who didn't attend, do not worry - it was unanimously decided that alumni gatherings should happen every month! Please stay tuned as we try to make that happen. For alumni around the world, do share with us any mini reunions you have organized on your own whether in the past or present!