Three month update on the alumni program


Greetings! We have been busy since we kicked off the official ISPP Alumni Network in April 2013. Here are some of the things we’ve accomplished:

  • After formal and informal interviews with different members of the ISPP community, including current staff, teachers, and alumni, the following statements were developed:

    Vision: Recognized as lifelong stewards, ISPP Alumni are a well-connected and vibrant community, contributing to and engaging with ISPP’s mission. Mission: The ISPP Alumni Network supports long lasting relationships made at the school; recognizes the achievements and contributions of alumni; and fosters meaningful engagement with the school and its community.
  • We launched the ISPP Alumni Facebook page and currently have 374 Likes from people all over the globe. The Facebook page is shared space for former students, teachers, and parents to reconnect with each other, post old photos, and advertise their own mini-reunions. We were pleased to receive photos of gatherings of alumni in the United Kingdom, Jordan, and Canada. We also hold our own monthly alumni meet-ups in Phnom Penh, welcoming back recent graduates as well as those who now have their own businesses! 
  • Every two weeks, a Where Are They Now Profile is published to catch up on Alumni whereabouts and learn about their achievements since leaving ISPP. These students are pursuing a range of careers, from soil science to travel writing, theology to psychology, and nursing to supply chain management. We look forward to interviewing more and more alumni around the world. Furthermore, we have initiated the first Student Alumni survey to learn more about where ISPP alumni are in the world, what they choose to do after high school, and what industries they currently work in. As of the time when this article was written, we have over 100 responses from former ISPP students, including those who were hear in ISPP’s founding year of 1989 to those who just graduated in 2012.

It has been such a rewarding time getting the Alumni Network up and running. We are grateful for the enthusiasm and support, which make this work so fun! Stay tuned for more updates and news from our alumni. Photos and quotes from alumni are featured in this article – do you recognize any of these names or faces?

Devi Leiper O’Malley (ISPP 1989-2003)
Alumni and Community Relations