NaEun Park


NaEun Park is many things. “Coffee Drinker; Photography Obsessor; Life Indulger” are just some of the ways NaEun describes herself on her travel blog When we interviewed NaEun for this article, she spoke to us from a hostel in Barcelona, Spain, her fourteenth stop on her current travels. NaEun embarked on this journey in February 2013 in order to learn an important lesson: “To let myself go”. She explains that typically she has always been a busy and focused person, setting goals and working hard to achieve them. Allowing herself the opportunity to travel with no daily schedule, with no specific destination, is a “big move”.

During NaEun’s last years of high school at ISPP, she worked with the school’s first Public Relations team. This is when she first discovered her interest in communications and marketing. From there, NaEun went on to complete her degree at Boston University, majoring in communications, public relations, and business. Even with non-stop internships at several non-profits and companies and constant activity on social media, NaEun graduated early. Immediately after graduation, NaEun received a call from TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site, asking her to apply to work with them.

After working with TripAdvisor for almost one year, NaEun realized that although she was doing the work she loves, she was not doing what she wanted to do most, traveling. In order to get back to the heart of what she enjoys doing, she set off on a world adventure. Stopping all over the world and reconnecting with old friends, she also hopes part of this journey will take her to both her “homes”, South Korea and Cambodia.

Young NaEun (far right) hanging out with her school classmates.

NaEun started ISPP in the Second Grade in 1997. She remembers she didn’t speak any English and felt lost, but had amazing support from her classmates who accepted her right away. Almost fifteen years later, NaEun can say “Everything I learned and did at ISPP has had a major influence on who I am today. Starting from simple things like being able to talk to anyone and easily making friends from around the world to understanding differences and learning to appreciate others.”

If she could appreciate just a few of her teachers, she would thank: Mr. Baughan, for letting her vent her senior year stresses; Mr. Bailey for teaching her the importance of getting out of her comfort zone; and Mr. Preece for always being there for students and helping her gain interest for writing, which is crucial to her career.

On June 5th 2013, NaEun returns to ISPP to teach at the Summer School. We look forward to welcoming her back!

NaEun in Koh Kong during a ISPP community service trip.