PCO Terms of Reference

Mission Statement
The Parent Community Organization (PCO) aims to support and enhance the educational and social experiences at ISPP.


  • Fostering a positive partnership between the parents and the School through effective communication and participation;
  • Promoting a spirit of community by welcoming families and offering assistance, information, and friendship.
  • Encouraging the participation of parents of all nationalities.

All ISPP parents are automatically considered to be part of the PCO. Those who would like to be actively involved are encouraged to attend meetings

The fiscal year of the PCO will be from 1 August to 31 July. The PCO receives limited funding as part of the ISPP annual budget to fund events, publications and other community related activities.

The PCO is headed by a Steering Committee made up of elected officers and representatives.

Steering Committee

  • Chair
  • Co-Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Host Country Representative
  • Early Years Representative
  • Elementary Representative
  • Middle School Representative
  • High School Representative

No employees of ISPP or members from the ISPP Board of Trustees will beappointed to the PCO Steering Committee

(Positions may be combined)

General Duties of the PCO Steering Committee

  • The person who accepts a position on the Steering Committee works to fulfill the PCO mission and to serve the ISPP community.
  • Learn all they can about the school.
  • Recognize the importance of cooperation in achieving PCO goals.
  • Recognize the importance of pooling ideas and encourage full discussion and participation before decisions are made.
  • Appreciate and respect the opinions of other members.
  • (Specific duties to be determined by the elected PCO Steering Committee)

Roles and Responsibilities

Chair/ Co-Chair (ideally two positions)

  • Lead and guide the PCO, ensuring the implementation of plans and goals set by the
  • Steering Committee.
  • Lead and facilitate all meetings of the PCO.
  • Maintain order throughout the meeting. Serve as the primary contact for the ISPP Director and Board of Trustees.
  • Be the principal interface with parents.
  • Ensure event coordinators are identified.
  • Performs other duties as necessary.


  • Prepare the agenda for all PCO Meetings.
  • Take minutes of the PCO meetings and disseminate the minutes.
  • Handle correspondence and lead the external communication of the Steering Committee.
  • Keep all records of the organization.
  • Bring necessary supplies to the meetings.


  • Keep the accounts of the PCO.
  • Report on its financial situation at each General PCO Meeting.
  • Process reimbursements on approved expenditures.
  • Have regular contact with the ISPP Administration Manager.
  • Present financial statements monthly to the Steering Committee and should have knowledge of the state of financial affairs.
  • Prepare the budget for approval.

Host Country Representative

  • Be the principal interface for the school and the host community.
  • Coordinate volunteers for PCO events.

School Level Representatives

  • Be the principal interface for that section of the school.
  • Coordinate volunteers for PCO events.
  • Organisation of Grade/Class Representatives.

Community Coordinators (Separate from the Steering Committee)

  • Be the principal interface for the school and the community.

Grade/Class Representatives (Separate from the Steering Committee)

  • Be the principal interface for the class/teacher.

The Steering Committee members should be elected by the PCO. Elections will be held yearly to determine the members of the Steering Committee for the new school year.


  • The PCO aims to meet on a monthly basis and dates are included on the school calendar and reminders emailed to parents.
  • All parents with currently enrolled students are members of the PCO and are encouraged to attend meetings.
  • Meeting attendance is purely voluntary and need not be regular. The PCO strives to have at least one parent from each grade level who will attend meetings regularly.
  • The ISPP Administration, Board of Trustees and/or teachers may be invited to attend the meetings on an as-needed basis as determined by the Steering Committee.
  • Minutes for all PCO meetings will be disseminated to the PCO following each meeting.
  • The Steering Committee will meet as necessary.

Reviewing Terms of Reference
The PCO will review the Terms of Reference every two (2) years.