Finance and Facilities Committee

The Finance and Facilities Committee handles reviews and recommendations regarding finance procedures and school facilities.  Examples of their work include:

  • Serve as a reviewing panel for any Policies related to Finance and Facilities, including regularly scheduled review of the Section on Fiscal Management (Section 3).
  • Research and review fee structures and tuition policies internationally to remain in line with current trends as well as to act responsibly to our own parent population.
  • Review Fiscal Policy and financial and facilities planning in light of Strategic Planning and school-wide Goals.
  • Recommend changes in fee structure and facilities to the Board.
  • Act as a monitoring and editorial group with regard to creating and maintaining a long term financial and facilities plan.
  • Monitor and review the yearly budget cycle, including creation of the following year’s budget and the Revised Annual Budget.
  • Monitor and review the Administration’s monthly budget reporting and procedures.

For questions about the Finance and Facilities Committee, please contact the Committee Chair, Richard Bates: