Governance Committee

The Governance Committee handles reviews and recommendations regarding finance procedures and school facilities.  Examples of their work include:

  • Organize the evaluation of the performance of the board and provide a summary of the board self-assessment to the board.
  • Review the school’s strategic goals and major strategies to discover what skills, experiences, and relationships the board needs today and in the future.
  • Review the demographics, skills and occupations of the current board with regard to what the board lacks and should seek in new members.
  • Develop a list of critical criteria for new members, based on a thorough assessment of the needs of the board and the school.
  • Communicate the final criteria to the board and solicit names of possible candidates.
  • Facilitate board assessment; identify the board’s needs for education and training and designs vehicles to meet those needs (i.e. Board retreats)
  • Generate a list of possible annual Board goals for the Board’s consideration.
  • Identify and recruit nominees for election or appointment to the Board of Trustees

For questions about the Governance Committee, please contact the Committee Chair, Peter Herum: