Baby Crèche

Open to boys & girls aged 1 - 2 ½ years from 8am - 12pm Monday to Friday at ISPP New Campus, Hun Neang Blvd., Chak Angre Krom.

$30 per day (8am - 12pm)*
$100 for one week*
*Drop-in is available but the After School Office reserves the right to refuse registration if the maximum number of students has been reached that day/week. 

Child-care will be available on a daily basis during Summer Camp and Summer Sports Academy. Young children will be cared for in a safe and stimulating surrounding. Experienced ISPP Teaching Assistants, along with responsible Secondary School students, will give the children the opportunity to develop through imagination, creativity and play.

Your child will be participating in water games, (not near the fenced in pool) and indoor games such as drawing, singing and story telling. All indoor activities will be held in an air-conditioned room, and as the maximum number of children will be six, you can be assured that your child will be given the utmost attention.

Snacks will be provided mid morning; however children may bring their own as refrigeration is available. Please make sure that a bag containing nappies, water bottle, swimsuit, towel and a change of clothing is brought with the child. All belongings must be clearly marked with the child’s name. We do not heat up bottles or food due to health and hygiene policies.

ISPP maintains a high level of security and students will not be allowed to leave the campus unless the authorised adult accompanies them. The authorised adult will be presented with an ID card, which must be worn at all times. Please note that there will be a nurse on the campus at all times. 

Click here to register for the Baby Crèche