Learning Support

The Elementary Learning Support Programme at ISPP provides specifically designed instruction in the areas of reading, math and written language to any student who demonstrates a need for this type of additional help.  The programme also reaches out to our younger learners in Early Years 1 & 2 in areas such as fine motor skills and early language development.

Work with students can be provided right in the classroom, supplementing the instruction of the classroom teacher, or provided in the Learning Support Center for a more specific skill instruction approach. 

ISPP believes that all students are different and have different approaches to learning.    We do everything within our power to identify when a student is struggling, either academically or socially, search for the reasons behind the struggle and then provide creative and researched based strategies, interventions and resources to guide the student back onto a pathway for success.

Teachers can refer a student to the Learning Support Programme by completing a referral form and discussing the student and the referral at our weekly Student Support Team (SST) meeting. 

Skill Boost 

In addition to our traditional Learning Support Programme we have a Skill Boost programme designed for short term intervention.  It is fluid process that is adapted regularly for the student.  Students are identified by their classroom teachers for a short term “boost” in a specific skill area.   This service can be in the classroom or in a small setting outside the classroom.  There are five Skill Boost sessions throughout the school year. 

Teachers can refer a student to the short term Skill Boost Programme.