Learning Support

  • Learning Support in the Elementary School

Learning support is provided for students with mild learning difficulties who need support to succeed in the mainstream class. Students who have emotional or social needs may also receive support or may be referred to an outside agency depending on the individual’s need. There is limited support in Cambodia for these services. 

  • Learning Support in the Secondary School

Learning support at ISPP is flexible and based on the particular needs of the students in our community. Support may take on a variety of forms: one-on-one, small group or in-class. The support teacher monitors, assesses and documents student progress relative to the targeted goals. The aim is to provide a tailor-made program that best meets the needs of the individual, taking advantage of the expertise and strengths of all those associated with the ISPP community. We value individual growth and development and do our best to provide all students with the type of support that ensures their success. There is an additional fee for this service.