Installation Art


Our Grade 5 students had the opportunity to learn about 'installation art.' Installation art is an artistic genre of three-dimensional works that are often site-specific and designed to transform the perception of a space.

Ms. Jordanwood came and spoke with students about her work in this field. She explained how she has created many forms of art in many countries over the world with a particular message attached to the art form.

In groups, students were given an issue and had to find a space in the school to create an installation.

Here are some examples of what they did:

Empty food containers in the eating area with statistics to show HUNGER.
GENDER: Pictures placed on a soccer ball to show how girls struggle to have access to playing the game.
GENDER: Closing the toilets and sinks to girls.
EDUCATION: Using the Grade 5 classrooms: One room shows a classroom with access to education with plenty of resources and ample funding, whilst the other shows a classroom with very minimal resources because of lack of funding. 
DEFORESTATION: This group created an axe and placed in the school garden to chop down the bamboo.
ANIMAL RIGHTS: This group placed a bottle of medicine in the nurses office made from an animal. 
HUNGER: Created a tray with no food and a message and placed it in the snack area.