Welcome Back Keiko Henke (Class of 2006)


We welcome back former ISPP student Keiko Henke (Class of 2006) who will be working with Mr. Pontius in her student teacher practicum. It is always nice to see former international school students enter our profession because it is rare.

“Starting my university career in the Netherlands at a bachelor college in Utrecht, I spent three years trying to rediscover my ‘Dutchness’. After three years I felt the travel bug becoming restless once more and decided to spend five months volunteering and living in Nepal (where I met up with several other ISPP alumni!). Five month later I began a Global Studies Masters based in Germany, focusing on Globalisation. This degree took me to Cape Town, Delhi, Geneva, and back to Kathmandu. Two years of travel-studying, I managed to obtain my Masters of Arts degree. It was then that I decided that I wanted to become a teacher. I currently teach

at two schools in Rotterdam where I focus on bilingual and international teaching. For this degree, I need to teach a few weeks abroad, simply to get an idea what life abroad, as an international
teacher, would look like.

Returning to ISPP as a trainee teacher has truly been one of the best things I have done…even though at times it feels a little bizarre: I mean, how weird it is that I am now allowed to sit in the Teachers lounge and that former teachers are now colleagues? Every day has been a trip down memory lane as I visit familiar places on campus, marvel at the numerous changes and reconnect with staff and teachers. Feeling that same ISPP spirit around campus and in the classrooms brings back wonderful memories!” – Keiko Henke (Class of 2006)