Tabitha is a grassroots organization that addresses the needs of poor rural Cambodians by engaging local and international support for its many projects. The integrated development initiatives include work in health care, education, sanitation (water, sewage), housing, small business and co-operatives. These efforts enable the poorest of the poor to improve their health status, rebuild shanties into homes, have their own toilets, clean water, and drainage systems, reconstruct roads, develop their own small businesses or become workers in cottage industry programs and learn to work together as a community. Over 1,800,000 people have transitioned from poverty through their savings program and 20,000 house have been built.

Staff and students at ISPP have been involved in fundraising for and contributing to weekend house building expeditions since 1996 and have helped build over 300 houses. At secondary we hold a number of school events to raise funds to build houses in Pursat province.  Throughout the year students involved in housebuilding work to ensure the success of these events.  Each year we aim to raise enough money to build at least 10 houses for people who otherwise would not have a safe and healthy home.  Being part of the student housebuilding group gives students experience in fundraising and event management.  They learn about sustainable development and have an opportunity to help those in need.