Holistic Education – Fostering Personal Growth

The ISPP Mission reflects our understanding that education encompasses much more than filling students’ minds with academic knowledge. In order to facilitate genuine personal growth, ISPP provides many channels through which students engage in issues of significance to themselves and their world. In so doing, the quest for responsible global citizenship takes meaningful shape. A few of the aspects of the holistic education offered at ISPP:

  • Community Service: Throughout their Grade 6-12 experience, students’ progress in their understanding of what it means to be a responsible contributor to society. Cambodia offers ample opportunity for involvement with real problems facing real people. Every year ISPP students are expected to take part in service activities. Initially these are coordinated through Home Group, our Community and Service Programme and our Week Without Walls programme; by the time the students reach Grade 11 and 12, they are planning and supervising projects of their own. Service among Cambodia’s orphans, disabled, and rural poor brings with it new empathy and awareness of both the privileges the students enjoy and the difference they can make.
  • Leadership: Leadership opportunities abound for ISPP secondary students. From taking responsibility for enhancing school life through the Student Council to addressing global issues through participation in Model United Nations, and the Global Issues Network Conference, students learn how to think through challenging problems and design viable solutions. In addition to these organized leadership programmes, ISPP fosters an environment in which students are encouraged to propose their own initiatives for positive change.
  • Balanced and Healthy Lifestyle: “Action” is a word with multiple meanings for an ISPP secondary student.  Action involves doing something in response to what one has learned in the classroom; it also refers to physical activity. Through Week Without Walls, and the CAS programme, ISPP encourages all students to be involved in action beyond the regular curriculum. In addition, sports are offered for students across Grades 6-12 through our participation in an inter-city league and the Mekong River International Schools Association (MRISA), an association of eight regional international schools. Sports exchanges occur three times a year.