Student at the Centre

ISPP strongly endorses student-centred, inquiry-based learning. The structure of both the MYP and Diploma Programme supports this approach. A central focus of the final year of the MYP is the personal project, a culminating project in which the student works over an extended period on a product of their own initiative. The personal project is designed to encourage individual creativity and to provide students the opportunity to demonstrate skills—including communication and reflection—that they have developed during the course of the Programme.

Similarly, the Diploma Programme puts the inquiring student at the centre. The core requirements of the Diploma Programme are CAS (Creativity, Action and Service), the Theory of Knowledge class, and Extended Essay. The CAS Programme fosters student initiative outside the classroom through involvement in creative, physical and service activities. Theory of Knowledge is a unique course designed to engage the students in critical thinking about learning on a broader scale. The culminating essay requires the students to apply multiple perspectives to contemporary issues of their choice. Similar to the MYP personal project, the Extended Essay grants the student the flexibility to pursue a topic of interest well beyond the curriculum, requiring extensive research and analysis similar to that expected at the university level.