MYP Units

In the MYP, all teaching and learning is planned through MYP units of work. Each of these units should:

  • stand alone as a significant, engaging, relevant and challenging learning experience
  • contribute to a coherent, school-wide commitment to inquiry that is framed by contexts of local and global significance
  • be driven by a statement of inquiry that is conceptually based
  • involve students in a range of learning experiences planned in response to the MYP unit question
  • build on the prior knowledge of the students
  • be constructed and conducted in such a way as to promote positive attitudes
  • require students to reflect on their learning and encourage them to engage in responsible action

MYP units of work can be subject-based or interdisciplinary in nature. Developing interdisciplinary units of work can draw together elements of different subject areas to support a deeper exploration of subject content. These units will be planned by teams of teachers working in collaboration, guided by a common planning document.