Bus Transportation FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Are my children required to use the ISPP transportation service?
No, families make their own decisions about how to transport their children to and from school. ISPP offers student transportation for morning pick up and afternoon drop off as a convenience for those families who choose to take advantage of the service.

Q. What ages of children are able to utilise the transportation service?
All ISPP students from Pre-Early Years (PEY) to Grade 12 are eligible to use this service. Children in PEY to Grade 5 must be met by a parent or designated person approved by parents. PEY-KG students will be escorted to their classrooms when they arrive at school.

Q. Will Elementary and Secondary students be riding together on the same bus/van?
Yes, students of all ages ride the bus/van together. This currently works well and allows siblings to be picked up and dropped off at the same time.

Q. Will there be transportation service available near where I live?
Locations for service are determined by interest shown through sign-ups or requests for services. Routes and pick up/drop off points are established, fees are decided and parents are then notified of the options available to them. Interested families are asked to register their children for the service.

If there is enough additional interest in service from a previously unserved location, ISPP may decide to add routes or drop off/pick up points at any time.

Q. Who supervises my child at the pick up and drop off points?
Parents or their designates (nannies, drivers or other authorised adult) will be responsible for waiting at the nominated pick up points and drop off points for students from Grade 5 and younger. Parents can nominate older siblings to supervise younger brothers and sisters at the pick up and drop off points, but must report this to the school.

Q. Who supervises the children on the buses/vans?
ISPP Teaching Assistants (TAs) supervise the children going to and from school. Our TAs are trained to work with children. They are responsible to ensure that the children are safely picked up and dropped off, and behave in a safe and appropriate manner while riding the bus.

At school, children disembark and board the buses from their parking area within the school grounds, under the supervision of TAs.

Q. Are ISPP vans and buses equipped with seat belts and if so, are children required to wear them?
Yes, all our vans and buses are fitted with seat belts which all passengers must wear while the bus is in motion.

Q. If my family moves during the school year, and my drop off/pick up point changes or I want to add or cancel the transportation service, what do I do?
If you would like to change your drop off/pick up point, contact the Transportation Officer, Ms Sengny Vorn, at least five working days before the requested change in service. If there is a route and space available, we will work with you to arrange transportation to and from your new location.

If you would like to cancel transportation service for your children, please contact the Transportation Officer. No refund will be given for individual days on which the service isn't used.

If you would like to begin using ISPP’s transportation service from your new home location, please complete the registration form, sign and submit to the Transportation Officer at least five working days before service begins. We will work with you to arrange transportation if a route and space are available.

Q. If I did not sign up for the transportation service at the start of the academic year and find that I would like to have my children take the bus/van, can I sign up at a later date?
ISPP enrols new students throughout the year so we do allow families sign up for transportation services at any time. We organise our routes and drop off/pick up points based on registrations prior to the start of the academic year. Waiting lists may also apply, so your best opportunity to have service available near your home is to sign up early.

Q. My child would like his/her friend to come over to our home after school, can the friend ride the bus home with my child?
Our bus service is only available for students who are registered for the bus due to available space and logistical considerations. Registered students are not allowed to alight anywhere other than their home unless authorised by parents and by the school.

Q. Will the organisation that I work for pay for ISPP’s transportation service to get my child to and from school?
All organisations have their own specific benefit packages for employees. Please check with your employer to see if they cover transportation fees as part of your contract.