School Lunch Programme

All students are welcome and encouraged to join the school lunch program provided by our caterer, Epicure Catering Company Ltd.

All students in Grade 1-12 who are on the lunch program are offered a buffet style lunch. This provides many choices for a healthy, balanced lunch consisting of a selection of Asian, Western and vegetarian dishes. Students also have the option to choose noodle soup and from an extensive salad/fresh fruit selection all for the same price of $3.5/day. For Early Years and Kindergarten students there are 3 meal options to choose from: Asian/ Western/Vegetarian and Halal. Meal includes a selection of salad and fresh fruit every day.

Lunch plans can be purchased from the cashier at the cafeteria calculated on a term, semester, or yearly basis. Lunch plans are not available on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Students can join the lunch plan at any time and prices will be calculated based on the remaining number of lunch days up until the end of the relevant term, semester or year.

To sign up for the programme, please download and complete the request form and bring along with payment to the school.

All food is prepared to the highest quality and standards by an onsite chef. Students are encouraged to try out the lunch plan for a term or semester at a time but have the option to join up for the whole year if they wish.

IB Diploma Programme students, faculty/staff and parents can also purchase snacks and drinks throughout the day at the cafe adjacent to the new cafeteria.

Please visit the Epicure website to learn more about the catering provider or contact the cafeteria directly at should you have any further questions.

Information provided by Epicure Catering Company Ltd.