School Lunch Programme FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How much does the lunch plan cost?
The lunch plan is worked out on a daily rate of $3.5 that is paid for on a term, semester or yearly basis. This rate is reviewed each year and subject to inflation.

Q. What does the lunch plan consist of?
Typically the lunch plan consists of a buffet style with a selection of Western and Asian dishes, noodle bar, fresh salad and fruit bar. Students are able to choose their own meal with the option to return for seconds if desired. For Early Years and Kindergarten students, there are 3 meal options to choose from: Asian/ Western/Vegetarian & Halal. Meal includes a selection of salad and fresh fruit every day.

Q. Where can I see the menu?

The menu is available online for families on the school website. Please contact the school directly if you have problems accessing this information.

Q.  Can the provider cater for my child’s allergies?
Epicure can cater for most common allergies by the wide range of choice available on the daily menu. However, more complex allergies will be dealt with on a case by case basis upon receipt of supporting documentation by a qualified medical practitioner (i.e. note from child’s doctor). Parents are advised to study the menu prior to enrollment to ensure there is enough choice available if their child cannot eat certain foods.

Q. Can I opt in and out of the meal plan?
Meal plans are available on a term, semester or yearly basis only. They are not available to purchase on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. This is to ensure that we have the continuity of numbers and to make certain that there is enough food for everyone enroled in the plan. However, you can join the lunch plan at any time and prices will be calculated based on the remaining number of lunch days up until the end of the relevant term, semester or year

Q. Will I get reimbursed for days my child is off sick and doesn’t take lunch?
Epicure is unable to offer any refund for missed days as the onsite chef will prepare daily for the total amount enrolled on the meal plan, much the same as the school is unable to refund any school fees for sick days.

Q. How are the Hygiene standards monitored and controlled within the kitchen?
Epicure adheres to strict food hygiene and safety policies and procedures as provided to the school. In addition, Epicure employs their own internal auditor to monitor safe practices and report back to the Senior Management Team.

Q. Can my child buy lunch and snack from the coffee shop?
IB Diploma Programme students, faculty/staff and parents will have the option to purchase snacks and drinks throughout the day at the coffee shop adjacent to the cafeteria.

Information provided by Epicure Catering Company Ltd.