Welcome to ISPP Elementary!  

ISPP Elementary School is comprised of over 350 students from age 3 to 11 in our International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme. Our rich mix of nationalities share their heritage, traditions and culture with pride and confidence. They do so in the knowledge that ISPP values our differences and celebrates our unity as members of the ISPP community. We employ top educators from around the world to support happy, confident learners who strive to achieve their personal best. We are proud of our safe and exploratory environment for young learners.

Please take time to explore the pages of our website and see for yourself the strong programming, student support, and community and service opportunities for students to grow as engaged global citizens.

The Elementary Leadership Team (ELT)

The ELT comprises of the Principal, Assistant Principal/PYP Coordinator and the four team leaders (EYC Team leader, KG/Grade 1 Team Leader, Grade 2/3 Team Leader, Grade 4/5 Team Leader). The ELT meet once per week.  The purpose of the ELT is to address school issues, problem solve and plan and monitor school initiatives. The ELT is also a successful channel of communication between teams and the school administrators.


Paula Baxter

Elementary Principal


Elizabeth Ford

Elementary Assistant Principal

Effective partnership with parents

We strongly believe it is essential to establish an effective working relationship with families. Children will achieve more at school if parents have confidence in the staff and curriculum of their child's school. If parents or guardians understand and support what the school is aiming to achieve this will encourage their child to benefit fully from the learning experience the school offers. We appreciate parents who share their perceptions of our school and come to us with their concerns or comments on our success.

Communication between home and school

In order to keep parents fully informed and engaged in their child's learning we have regular communication between home and school. From Early Years 1 to Grade 1, a home/school communication book is used to keep parents and teachers in touch. From Grade 2 the student's homework planner is used.

A written report on student progress is provided at the end of each semester. Parent Teacher Conferences, Student-Led Conferences and Three-Way Conferences are held throughout the year. The dates are published in the school calendar which is issued to families annually.

Teachers are willing to be consulted at any time, but, as they are busy during the school day, parents are asked either to e-mail them for an appointment or to arrange an appointment through the Elementary Office.


The language of our school is English and all communication between home and school is in English. We would like to communicate with parents in their own language, but the number of different languages in our school population makes this a daunting task. Parents are welcome to bring interpreters with them to conferences with the teacher or to ask the school to provide an interpreter.

The Elementary school day

The Elementary school day starts at 7:30am and finishes at 2:30pm. Students who are late miss vital parts of the programme, therefore it essential for them to arrive on time.