Student Support Services

At ISPP, we strive to provide the type of support that each student in our community requires. Our dynamic team of professionals work together to identify needs, to design, and to deliver an effective support programme for every student. We focus on using students’ strengths to help them develop confidence, a sense of self-advocacy and a desire to maximise their learning. The Secondary School employs experienced professionals to offer language, academic, and emotional support. Our teachers work collaboratively with other teachers, parents, external specialists when needed, and the administrative team to determine the best way to meet the needs of all students.

Student support services available in the Secondary School include a Learning Support Programme, and an EAL (English as an Additional Language) option. Two counsellors also offer personal, academic and university support to students. All support staff work together with teachers, parents and administration as necessary to ensure students receive the level of assistance they need to thrive at ISPP.


English as an Additional Language

The English as an Additional Language (EAL) Department serves non-native English speakers. EAL professionals strive to increase students’ English language proficiency through rigorous literacy- and language-based courses while simultaneously supporting teachers whose students have EAL needs. Support is available to students in Grades 6-10 in varying levels. No EAL support is provided to students in Grades 11-12 as the rigour of the IB Diploma Programme requires proficiency in English in order to be successful.

Language Placement at ISPP

Prior to enrolment, students without a demonstrated competency in English must undertake an English proficiency test. The results of this test will determine a student’s placement in ISPP’s EAL Support Programme.

Language Acquisition: English

Some students with a mother-tongue other than English may need to study Language Acquisition: English. This is common in international schools and at ISPP. Language Acquisition: English is scheduled when other students are learning Language and Literature: English. The primary focus of Language Acquisition: English is to improve student performance in the four skill areas (reading, writing, listening and speaking) by focusing on learning strategies and confidence-building activities. This subject is treated like any foreign language and is graded according to assessment criteria.

All IB MYP students can choose to study one Language and Literature and one Language Acquisition subject OR Two Language and Literature courses.

Students who study Language Acquisition: English will be required to study Mother-Tongue Language and Literature during the English Language and Literature time. This is provided at an additional cost to parents.

ISPP provides three levels of EAL support for students who need to increase their English skills, depending upon the student’s current level of English and their grade level. The purpose of the EAL Support programme is to improve student academic proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking so that students will be able to participate more productively in mainstream classes.

Students who have a reading and writing proficiency close to that of their peers but require additional support before completely entering the mainstream will receive EAL Partial Support. Students receiving this level of support will study Language Acquisition: English, receive additional in-class support in the subject Individuals and Societies, and will be provided Mother-Tongue Language and Literature tuition.

Students in Grades 6-8 requiring additional support with their English skills and who are assessed as being in the lower phases of acquiring English will be provided EAL Full Support. Student receiving that level of support will study Language Acquisition: English and will additionally be withdrawn from studying an additional language (e.g. Khmer, Mandarin, Korean). In lieu of an additional language, students will continue developing their English skills through support provided by an EAL support teacher.

Students in Grades 9 and 10 who require support for their English skills will study Language Acquisition: English and receive Mother-Tongue Language and Literature tuition. Students in Grades 9 and 10 who study Language Acquisition English must study their mother tongue and will incur additional fees for Mother-Tongue tuition.

Students who meet designated literacy targets may exit the EAL programme at the end of the semester. Their assessment consists of work done in class, test results, as well as consultation with mainstream teachers. Students can move from Full Support to Partial Support or from Partial Support to mainstream.

Learning Support

Learning support at ISPP is flexible and based on the particular needs of the students in our community. For each identified student, an individual educational plan (IEP) is created that clearly identifies goals and strategies for achieving them. The plan establishes the intensity of the intervention and determines the appropriate setting for implementation. In all cases, students develop an understanding of their own profile and are encouraged to use this self-awareness to maximise their learning.

Support may take on a variety of forms: one-on-one, small group or in-class. The support teacher monitors, assesses and documents student progress relative to the targeted goals. The aim is to provide a tailor-made programme that best meets the needs of the individual, taking advantage of the expertise and strengths of all those associated with the ISPP community. We value individual growth and development and do our best to provide all students with the type of support that ensures their success.

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