School Governance

ISPP is proud to be a not-for-profit school. For our community, this means:

  • All tuition and income goes directly back into the school and its programmes.
  • Our parent-run board works with school leadership to make decisions about ISPP based on the needs of our community.

The main policy-making body of ISPP is the school Board of Trustees. The Trustees ensure that the students are the first priority at ISPP, and act as contacts for parents and community members interested in knowing more about the school.

Parents elect the 9 members to two-year terms, with approximately one-half of the Board members standing for election each April at the Annual General Meeting.

The school Director is an ex-officio member of the board and is the Chief Educational and Administrative Officer of the School. An extremely important way for parents to have very direct input into Board decisions is to volunteer to serve on one of the standing committees.

The Committees report their findings and recommendations to the full Board for consideration. From time to time the Board establishes ad hoc committees to study, review, and recommend solutions to specific issues.

The Board has three standing committees, each chaired by a Board member:

Policy Committee – monitors school policies for the operation, development and long-term planning for ISPP. Recommends changes to policy relevant to current practice or need, and regularly reviews current policies for updating.

Finance & Facilities Committee – monitors the budget and facilities planning and use, reviews fees structure, policies and strategic fiscal planning.

Governance Committee – Handles reviews and recommendations regarding finance procedures and school facilities. Coordinates the nomination, election and appointment process for new board members; facilitates board self-assessment and training.

ISPP is an open and transparent organisation, which means our board and standing committee meetings are open to the ISPP community. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.

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