IB Diploma Programme Results

At the International School of Phnom Penh we are proud of our students’ IB Diploma results.

For the past 13 years, ISPP students earned an average of approximately 32 points, which compares favourably with both the world average, of about 29.7 points, and other international schools within South East Asia and globally.

However, we also recognise scores are only one method of measuring the success of the IB Diploma Programme. All students are included in our results statistics and our school mission always takes priority. Decisions regarding subject groups and levels are made in order to provide students with the most challenging and intellectually stimulating combination of courses for each individual student.

We also believe that university destinations for ISPP graduates reflect our focus on holistic education rather than the number of IB Diploma points awarded at the end of two year programme. We celebrate each student’s personal and academic success.

ISPP is a non-selective IB school, which means that all students are eligible to challenge themselves by attempting the IB Diploma Programme.

ISPP International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Results

Total Number of Students203235404536456350
Number of Full IB Students17
IB Participation Rate (%)859196889197969493
Pass Rate (%)778696889197989090
Average Passing Score303333313435343433
Average Grade4.855.195.354.965.455.545.355.45.2
Highest Score404238424445424542
Billingual Diplomas (%)291029564744405353

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