Mother Tongue

Mother Tongue Philosophy

The International School of Phnom Penh believes that it is vital that all students have the opportunity to maintain and develop their mother tongue (the main language that the student uses at home), where feasible.

Based on educational research, ISPP believes that students with a strong mother tongue, and those who continue to develop it, are far more successful in learning and functioning in another target language.

Khmer Mother Tongue Programme

The only mother tongue language lessons taught during the school day is Khmer. Any Khmer student who is placed in an English support programme (EAL) will later move into Khmer mother tongue.

Other Mother Tongue Programmes

The Mother Tongue Programme is an additional educational programme offered outside of the regular school day. The purpose of the programme is to provide the opportunity for students to develop appropriate skills in their mother tongue according to their age level. The Mother Tongue Programme is not a foreign language course – it is for children who are fluent. Therefore children should be fluent speakers in a language that is spoken at home with at least one parent.

The school determines if a particular student meets the requirements to join a mother tongue class.

For questions about the Elementary Mother Tongue Programme, please contact the After School Programme Office.

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