Parent and Community Organisation

Our parents play an important role in contributing to and supporting ISPP. The Parent and Community Organisation (PCO) is a great way for parents to join together to support and advance the mission of the school.

The PCO is composed of all ISPP parents/guardians with children who are currently enrolled in the school. Its mission is to:

  1. Support ISPP and the administration, fostering​ a positive partnership between the parents and the school through effective communication and participation;   to enhance the educational and social experiences of the ISPP community. 
  2. Support ISPP and the administration with the transition and welcoming of new families by offering assistance, information and friendship.
  3. Support ISPP and the administration with communication between both language groups and cultural groups encouraging​ the participation of parents of all nationalities. 
  4. Support ISPP school activities and events.
ISPP Parent Community Organisation (PCO)

In addition to the steering committee, comprised of the Chair, Co-chair, Secretary and Treasurer, the PCO aims to include:

Grade or section level representatives

Preferably one representative from each grade level or representatives for Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary. 

Language Representatives 

Language representative positions may be combined with grade/section level representatives. Language representatives assist as a conduit between different language-speaking communities.

The PCO’s Terms of Reference are here

We are working on re-launching our PCO for the 2022-23 academic year. We invite all parents to consider joining in a steering committee role, as a grade or language representative or as an active member. The community update will provide information, and this page will be revised when a steering committee is established.

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