In 2018-19, for the first time, we welcomed six new students to our Secondary school whose backgrounds are vastly different to any of our other students. Their families are amongst the poorest in Cambodia and, until joining us, they attended public school in Phnom Penh’s Steung Meanchey district. Extra support for these children and their families is provided within their community by our partner organisation, the Cambodian Children’s Fund.

Now in its fourth year of a multi-year programme, ISPP has committed to providing full scholarship support to twelve young scholars, from Grade 6 through to their graduation. We expect them to achieve great things in the future and, with an ISPP education under their belt, they are sure to lift their entire families from poverty.

Apart from transforming the lives of these students and their families, sharing our school with children from all walks of life ensures that all of our students appreciate and value diversity at every level. When many schools talk about diversity, they are referring to nationalities. At ISPP, we extend the concept of diversity to include socio-economic diversity, which requires a much bigger effort from the school, but one well worth making.

ISPP – International School of Phnom Penh