About cultural diversity at ISPP

Cultural diversity is a cornerstone of international education at ISPP. Our school is enriched by the diverse nationalities, ethnicities, languages and cultural practices of our students. We strive to encourage these differences to support our mission for our students to grow as internationally-minded global citizens.

At ISPP, our students represent more than 50 nationalities. Cultural diversity is an important element of our school, and learning about other cultures is a significant part of our students’ education and personal growth. International mindedness and the celebration of diversity are embedded into our school’s guiding statements and our whole community values the experience of sharing cultures, traditions, languages and food.

To ensure an international educational experience and environment for all students, ISPP has a policy which limits the number of students of any nationality to 30% of a grade level. As part of the application process, proof of nationality of the student and their parents must be provided, to ensure that we remain within the limit for each nationality.

The 30% limit applies to all nationalities, although most remain below 30%. At present, we have reached the limit for Cambodian students in most grades and only a small number of places become available each year for new Cambodian students.

For the purposes of admission to ISPP, the nationality of students is determined by the place of birth and nationality of both the applicant and their parents. For example, for students applying as foreign nationals, at least one parent must have been born outside of Cambodia and hold a passport/certificate for their nation of birth.


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