Student Support Services

At ISPP, we strive to provide the type of support that each student in our community requires. Our dynamic team of professionals work together to identify needs, and to design and deliver an effective support programme for every student. We focus on using students’ strengths to help them develop confidence, a sense of self-advocacy and a desire to maximise their learning. The Elementary School employs experienced professionals to offer language, academic, and emotional support. Our teachers work collaboratively with other teachers, parents, external specialists when needed, and the administrative team to determine the best way to meet the needs of all students.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

The English as an Additional Language (EAL) Programme provides support to students whose mother tongue (first language) is not English. EAL support is available from Grade 2 to Grade 5. Prior to Grade 2, students new to English will engage in meaningful experiences that will naturally develop their language skills. Students new to the school are assessed and given the appropriate level of support in all areas of language development in order to help them achieve a high level of English language proficiency and achieve full participation in their curricula.

What do the children miss while in the EAL class?

Some students in Grades 2-5 will attend EAL classes during the three periods a week of foreign languages or Khmer mother tongue at these times. Students participate in activities similar to those of the mainstream classroom but with more focus on increasing English language proficiency.

How long will my children attend EAL classes?

On average, Elementary students with a strong foundation in their mother tongue, need about 18 months to 2 years of EAL support before they have sufficient English to function independently in the mainstream. However, the actual time needed will depend on a number of variables, such as the native language of the learner, language learning aptitude, student motivation and similarity between the mother tongue languages.


All students whose first language is not English undergo a language assessment upon entry to ISPP. The EAL department, in collaboration with homeroom teachers, periodically review student progress. A student’s transfer out of the EAL programme is dependent on established EAL exit criteria.

Learning Support

ISPP believes that all students are different and have different approaches to learning. We identify when a student is struggling, either academically or socially, search for the reasons behind the struggle and then provide creative and researched based strategies, interventions and resources to guide the student back onto a pathway for success.

The Learning Support programme provides specifically designed instruction in the areas of reading, mathematics and written language to any student who demonstrates a need for additional help. The programme also reaches out to our younger learners in Early Years, in areas such as fine motor skills and early language development.

Work with students can be provided right in the classroom, supplementing the instruction of the homeroom teacher, or provided in the Learning Support Centre for a more specific skill instruction approach.

Elementary Counsellor

The Elementary Counsellor offers emotional and academic support to all students. Working with parents, teachers and administration, the Counsellor ensures that all students are safe and happy at school.

We create safe learning environments and develop positive relationships with students. Through individual and group programmes and a comprehensive social emotional curriculum, we work to remove barriers to learning. We focus on the personal, social, emotional and developmental needs of our students to maximise their success at ISPP and beyond.

The Counsellor is also involved in classroom guidance sessions, consultation with parents and teachers, parent workshops, specialist referrals and works closely with the Student Support Team.

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