ISPP offers an extracurricular swimming programme for all students who are interested in improving their swimming skills. There are six levels of competence in the swimming programme – please click on the button under the After School Programme to see the details and outcomes of each level. There are two types of extracurricular swimming programme based on swimming levels and the swimmers’ commitments and goals.

After School Programme (ASP) and Swimming

The ASP Learn-To-Swim programme uses six levels of competence, but typically offers small group lessons for students in Level 1-3, for any age. All new students are individually assessed before entering the programme, enabling them to be placed with students at a similar level of ability.

There is no set timeline to achieve the skills in each level; they are mastered at the child’s own pace. Not all children will complete the level at the same time, and they only move up when level learning outcomes are met consistently. This ensures swimmers are always learning in groups based on similar abilities and not on age or friendships. Water safety lessons are incorporated into each level.

The Swim Team

Students in Grades 3-12 achieving level 4-6, who are also interested in refining their strokes and a more competitive style of swimming, may apply to be part of the ISPP Swim Team. Being on the Swim Team requires commitment from the swimmers and the parents, too! Swimmers are required to take part in all local swim meets and the parents are expected to help out at the swim meets on a volunteer basis if required.

The Swim Team at ISPP provides opportunities for swimmers to learn correct stroke technique and aerobic training sets suited to their ability, while also promoting self-esteem and discipline.

ISPP believes in a swim team that supports and encourages all swimmers with genuine enthusiasm, and approaches any competitive outcome with humility and good sportsmanship. Our competitive swimmers learn how hard work, discipline and dedication affect their lives both in and out of the water.

Important Points

Attendance – ISPP Swim Team members are required to make a commitment to the session schedules – allowing for a maximum of up to two unexplained absences per season. Missed training sessions must be made up within two weeks. More than two unexplained absences will result in a student not be allowed to continue on the Swim Team for the remainder of that season nor participate in swim meets during that season.

Punctuality is necessary in order for students to receive instruction. If a student is late to training s/he may swim laps in the ‘late’ lane.

ISPP swim caps must be worn at all swim meets.

Participation will not be permitted without a red ISPP swim cap.

Swim meets are available for all students who have achieved levels 4-6. Coaches provide parents and swimmers with the opportunity to comment on selected events. Feedback and suggestions will be considered, noting that the coach’s decision on selected events is final. All swim meet results will be available for students and parents via the Meet Mobile app.

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