Safety & Security

Campus Security

Campus security is a high priority for ISPP. All staff, students and their families are issued an ID card that provides entry to campus during the school day and for after school and weekend activities. Visitors must be approved to enter the campus and sign in on arrival.

Security contractors ensure the campus is secure and entrance is private. Security cameras throughout the buildings and grounds ensure activity within the campus is monitored.

Emergency Procedures

Students and staff are prepared for a variety of situations. Each type of emergency has its own procedures and scheduled drills are practised regularly.

In case of emergency and evacuation of the school, parents are contacted via established phone tree, email, and text messages. Children are supervised during emergencies until released to their parents or designated adult.

Safety in Phnom Penh

Safety and security are primary concerns for any international school. Phnom Penh is generally a safe city where students often move about using local transportation (tuk-tuks, motos and taxis). The campus is a safe and secure environment, regularly used by the ISPP community, including outside of school hours and on weekends.

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