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ISPP’s After School Programme (ASP) activities aim for children to learn while having fun in a safe environment. The purpose of the ASP is recreational not competition and designed to keep the attention and the interest of the students. Our program is built to allow children to experience a multicultural environment while developing their self-esteem and problem-solving skills. We offer activities including arts, basketball, boot camp, ceramics, chess, choir, cooking, drama, football, robotics and more.

Summer School 2024

Monday 10 – Friday 28 June

Online registration will be available here on our website between Friday 10 – Friday 31 May.

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ISPP Summer School 2024

ASP Terms 2023/24:

TERM 1: 28 August – 17 November
TERM 2: 20 November – 23 February
TERM 3: 4 March – 31 May

For inquiries, please email the After School Programme office:

Office Hours
Monday to Friday: 9:00am to 2:00pm
For an appointment outside of the hours above, please contact us.


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We are delighted that your child is participating in our After School Programme! In order for your child to participate, a parent must read, understand and accept the Terms and Conditions.

Parents register their child/ren for activities using an online form.
Please note, that registration is not a guarantee that the student will participate in the chosen activity, nor that the activity will run. The After School Office holds the right to cancel the activity if there are too few students signed up. If an activity is oversubscribed, the After School Coordinator will, if possible offer a second class.

There is a three week try out session for all activities, starting on the first day of the term. Please note, that the try out is NOT free of charge. All students who participate beyond the third week of activities will be charged for the full term and no refund will be granted. Parents wishing to withdraw their child from an activity, must email by the end of the third week of the term. In this case, parents will only be charged for the lessons during that three-week period.

There is a fee for each activity per student, per term. We kindly ask you to check the amount when signing up. After registering online, please visit the Finance Office to make your payment. Cash, local cheque and wire transfer are accepted.

Payment is due by the end of the third week of each term; please write ASP and the activity name if paying by wire transfer.

If too few participants register for an activity, the programme coordinator may cancel that activity for the term. Occasionally, individual classes may be cancelled due to conferences, tournaments or illness. We make every effort to offer make-up classes during the term, but this is not always possible. In this case, a refund will be granted. If a class is cancelled ahead of time, we email the parents. For cancellations at short notice due to illness or emergency, parents are contacted by email and/or phone as early as possible.

Before an activity: outside of the gym.

Students will be given a small healthy snack before starting their activity. Early Years and Kindergarten students must be met by their parents/caregivers at front of their classroom promptly at the end of the school day. They need to be escorted to the meeting point and assisted with any necessary clothing change. During swimming classes, parents/caregivers must be on standby close to the pool, but not on the pool deck. Thank you for your understanding.

After activity: Ground floor of the Knowledge Centre

At the end of their activities, students will be escorted to the ground floor of the Knowledge Centre by the activity assistant. They must be picked up promptly after their activity. Students may not remain unsupervised on campus. Students who are regularly picked up late may be removed from the programme.

Students must be prepared to go outside for outdoor activities, which means having appropriate clothing for hot weather. Hats are compulsory for all outdoor activities. When severe weather prohibits outdoor activities, alternative indoor activities will take place if applicable. Students must wear proper sports clothes for the sporting activities. Please note that shin pads for football and mouth guards for rugby are compulsory.

Activity leaders take all reasonable precautions to create a safe environment for participants. However, accidents may still occur. Should an immediate medical response be necessary (first aid, summoning an ambulance, taking a child to the hospital, etc.), activity leaders take action to ensure the child’s safety and health. If they cannot immediately reach a parent by telephone, this may include summoning medical help or transporting the child to the hospital before they are able to notify parents.

There is a late bus service after activities at 4:15pm and 4:45pm. This service is only available for those students who are already on the bus plan. If a student only rides the bus to school (and not home), then she/he is not eligible to use the late bus service.

If for any reason, a student will not ride the late bus, parents must notify the After School Office via email (, before 10:00am on the day. Please note that, for safety reasons, we do not allow elementary students to leave campus with any alternative arrangements unless they have written permission.

Secondary School students need to be on the bus departure on time, as the bus will not wait for them. If a secondary student misses the bus she/he must report to Central Office.

Thank you for choosing us and enjoy our programme!

Ms Zsuzsa Barta

After School Programme Coordinator

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