Community & Initiatives

ISPP’s Strategic Plan 2020-2024 includes significant commitments under the themes of Learning,  Community, Environment and Well-being. Enshrining these themes in the school’s planning builds on many years of fostering a strong relationship with our host country.

Our innovative scholarship programme, which is providing students from the most disadvantaged backgrounds with a world-class education, is unique in Cambodia and one of only a few in the Southeast Asia region that reach so far into poverty.

We are the only school in Cambodia to achieve Eco School certification as part of our efforts to protect our local environment. Our major solar project contributed significantly to this, as we now generate more than half of our electricity.

We are also proud supporters of the Cambodia Teacher Training Project, a training college in Kandal province, where trainee teachers learn to improve the quality of primary school education by incorporating interactive, child-friendly teaching strategies into the curriculum of public schools across the country.

Since August 2020, all application and entrance fees for new students have been allocated to a special philanthropic fund. The establishment of this dedicated resource enables the sustainable continuation of our scholarship programme and other important community projects. It also provides our families with automatic participation in improving the lives of less advantaged Cambodians in the future when they enrol their children at ISPP. 

These actions and more demonstrate ISPP’s long-term commitment to this amazing country and provide clear examples to our students and their families of our belief in positive change. 

Community & Initiatives

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