Admissions Overview

International School of Phnom Penh (ISPP) is a non-selective school and our mission supports our goal for all of our students reach their personal and academic potential.

We do not require our students to be academically tested or assessed on admission, however all applicants must demonstrate that they can access and benefit from the IB curriculum and activity programmes we offer through their previous report cards and school recommendations.

Students must meet the English language requirement for that grade, reside with a parent or legal guardian, be able to pay the required fees, and meet our chronological age requirements.

Once students are officially enrolled in ISPP, they remain enrolled provided their achievement and behaviour meet the standards of the school and the conditions of their admission, including the ability to meet fee obligations.

ISPP will enrol students whose educational needs can be met by the school. Depending on the grade level, students requiring additional support for developing their English skills may be placed into an English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme. Students will exit the EAL program once they demonstrate grade-level proficiency in the four skill areas: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

We value children’s individual growth and development and do our best to provide all students with the type of support that ensures their success. Learning support services are provided for students with mild learning difficulties who need support to succeed in the mainstream class. Our programme is flexible and based on the particular needs of the students. Support may take on a variety of forms: one-on-one, small group or in-class.

During the admissions process, parents must disclose all information and documentation relating to their child’s ability to successfully learn in a mainstream classroom. We review each student’s case individually to determine if our school can help them to succeed.

It is essential that we understand the needs of each of our students and how we can support them. To do this we need to fully understand any special needs and/or learning difficulties. Failure to fully disclose special education needs or learning support history may result in termination of enrolment. If your child is admitted but is found to require support beyond our capabilities, they may be asked to withdraw.

Students who have emotional or social needs may also receive support or may be referred to an outside agency depending on the individual’s need. Please note that therapeutic services are limited in Cambodia.

ISPP limits the total number of students of any single nationality to no more than 30% per grade level. In those cases where more than one section of a grade level exists, the Administration has flexibility with respect to placement of nationals within class sections.

Admission is based on the potential of the student to benefit from an ISPP education, the capacity of the relevant grade level, and the desire for balance and diversity in classes. Applications for enrolment to ISPP may be submitted throughout the calendar year and students are accepted as space becomes available.

Our busiest enrolment period is from May, for the next academic year, which commences in August. Applications are reviewed as they are submitted. While it is hard to predict space availability, ISPP is aware of the urgency that families feel about finding the right school for their children and we work to admit students in as timely a manner as possible.

Our Admissions team will liaise with families to support them through this process and ensure that all application requirements are met. Upon completion, the student’s file will be reviewed by the Principal who is responsible for the final admission decision. Applications must be fully completed, including a letter of recommendation from the student’s last school, before they can be considered by the Principal.

To complete your online application, you must upload PDFs or JPGs of the following documents:

  • Previous school records/reports for at least the two most recent years (in English). If your child has not attended school for two full years, please provide any records/reports they have received.
  • Additional reports relating to your child’s learning needs.
  • Writing sample from your child for students applying to Kindergarten through to Grade 5. This can be any original piece of writing, drafted exclusively by the student.
  • Photo identification page(s) in the parent/guardian and child’s current passports.
  • Passport-size colour photos of parent(s)/guardian(s) and child. Photo must be taken within the last six months.

It is helpful for the files to be named with the full name (child or parent) and subject (e.g.; Jane Smith – Writing Sample; John Smith – Passport; Jenny Smith – Photo).

You will be invoiced $250 USD for each application submission, which must be paid by cash, bank transfer or local cheque before your application is reviewed. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

The application will require you to complete the immunisation history for each child, so please have these details ready.

The online application process will generate a request for your child’s current school to complete a recommendation form. If you would like the form to be emailed directly to the school, please have the email address ready for the application process. Alternatively, you can download a PDF of the form and provide it to the recommending school. This is a confidential document and the recommending school must return the completed form directly to ISPP.

Upon review of your child’s completed application, we may also request the following:

  • English language testing (fee applies).
  • Interview with the relevant Principal.
  • Additional information relating to your child’s previous academic experience.

When the number of applicants exceeds the availability of space for a particular grade level, students will be placed on a waiting list until space becomes available. Applying students with a sibling already enrolled in the school will be given priority on the list.

When placing a student in a waiting list, ISPP will strive to provide the family with a realistic assessment of the chances and possible timing for admittance to the best of our knowledge.

When space becomes available within a grade level, the applicants for that grade will be reviewed and placement will be determined based on ISPP’s enrolment criteria and current make-up of the grade level.

The waiting list is maintained for the applying year (August-June) only. If the applicant has not been placed by the end of the applying year, the family will be contacted and asked if they wish to remain on the waiting list for the next school year.

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