IB PYP Programme

The PYP is the official curriculum framework and teaching methodology of the International Baccalaureate (IB) developed to meet the needs of children in the Primary Years of schooling (ages 3-12). It is an international programme of education designed to foster the development of the whole child by teaching and learning across multiple academic subjects. This is what we call transdisiplinary. It emphasizes learning through active inquiry and aims to develop the whole child to meet the competencies and attitudes outlined in the Learner Profile. The driving force behind the PYP is the aim to develop international mindedness students who exhibit the attributes of the IB Learner Profile.

The PYP curriculum combines the best research and practice from a range of national systems with a wealth of knowledge and experience from international schools to create a relevant and engaging educational framework for all children.

Primary Years Programme Coordinator Ms Elizabeth Ford

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Office hours: 07:00am - 16:00pm from Monday to Friday

Hun Neang Boulevard

Tel: (+855) (0) 23 425088
Email: elizabethford@ispp.edu.kh

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The PYP Curriculum Framework

At the heart of the PYP curriculum framework is the learner constructing understanding through the essential elements:

  • Concepts
  • Skills
  • Attitudes
  • Action
  • Knowledge

Transdisciplinary Themes

The six transdisciplinary themes of global significance for all students in all cultures are:

  • Who we are
  • How we express ourselves
  • Where we are in place and time
  • How the world works
  • How we organize ourselves
  • Sharing the planet

Teachers are guided by these six transdisciplinary themes as they design units of inquiry with the driving question of “What is really worth knowing that is engaging, relevant, challenging and significant?  Each Unit of Inquiry is designed to transcend across all subject boundaries of:

  • Language    
  • Mathematics                              
  • Personal, Social and Physical Education
  • Social Studies                              
  • Arts              
  • Science and Technology

For more information about the Primary Years Programme Curriculum, please visit: http://www.ibo.org/pyp/