School Fees

ISPP is a non-profit, parent-governed association and relies almost completely on fee income to assure sufficient resources for the school's operation. Fees are reviewed annually during the development of the budget, which is approved by the Board in February. The fee schedule for the following school year is released in March.

Parents or legal guardians of enrolled students are responsible for reading the full guidelines for payment of fees and additional charges included on the fee schedule, which is available on the website or at school offices. Parents or legal guardians are liable for fee payment immediately on enrolment, irrespective of whether fees are paid personally or by an employer.

Invoices are issued one month prior to the payment deadline and sent home with the family’s youngest child, unless other arrangements are made with the finance office. Since the school is dependent on fee income for all resources, parents are asked to respect the payment deadlines published in the fee schedule. Penalties will be charged for late payment and non-payment of fees may lead to de-enrolment of a student.

It should be noted that all fees other than tuition fees are non-refundable; tuition fees can be refunded for full quarters of non-attendance only, irrespective of date of withdrawal.

The school budget is set both for Capital and Operational expenditure:

  • An enrolment deposit may be required to secure a place reservation on enrolment and is applied to the first tuition payment.

  • Entrance fees for students enrolling in Kindergarten (KG) to Grade 12 are charged once only on registration; students in Early Years are charged an entrance fee deposit which is applied to the full fee should the student progress to KG.

  • Tuition fees are charged annually at a different rate for each Programme (PYP Early Years, PYP Elementary, MYP, and DP). Payment may be made annually, by semester or by quarter/term; a finance charge is applied to payment by instalment (2% semester or 4% quarter).

  • Capital fees are charged annually and used for purchase of equipment, and facilities construction/renovation.

  • English as an Additional Language (EAL) fees are charged where a student requires additional support for English as a condition of admission. Rates vary according to the level of support.

  • Additional charges may be made for certain activities on a cost-recovery basis. Currently these charges may be made for some educational travel, for the Mother Tongue Programme at Secondary and for language tutors outside our current programme offerings at MYP or DP level.

Please note the Application fee of US$250, which is payable with the enrolment application.

The Fee Schedule and Payment Plan information for the 2016-17 school year can be found at the links below:

2017-18  Fee Schedule English

Fee-related queries should be addressed to the Finance Office at Hun Neang Boulevard.

Tel: (+855) 23 425 088

Bring Your Own MacBook Grades 6-11

All students enrolled at ISPP in Grades 6-11 are required to bring a MacBook for use at school. Parents or sponsors of student school fees are therefore responsible for the purchase of the MacBook device and for its maintenance and insurance. We recommend that families purchase the device early so that students have time to familiarise themselves.

Bring Your Own MacBook Grades 6-11