DP Subject Choices

The following subjects are offered for study in the IB Diploma Programme at ISPP. All subjects are provided at both Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL) unless otherwise noted. Please note the following guidelines when selecting subjects:

  • Students must select 6 subjects in total, with 3 being at HL and 3 being at SL
  • All new students will need to sit a math placement test
  • Students can only choose English B with appropriate English Language documentation (such as test results)
  • Students may not study their mother tongue as Language Acquisition (Group 2)
  • Subject choices may change depending on timetable, teacher availability or class sizes. A class size of five students is the minimum required for a viable class.
  • All subject choices must be approved by the IB DP Coordinator

*Students may select two Group 1 subjects. In this case, they do not need to select a Group 2 subject.

**Pamoja is the official online provider for some IB courses.  If students are interested in studying one of these, they will need to complete an application form to ensure they are able to cope with the demands of an online learning environment. There are additional costs involved for families if a student is accepted into a Pamoja subject.

Additional information about subject choices is available at the ISPP Handbook for the Diploma Programme.