Coronavirus & School Activities Update

ISPP - International School of Phnom Penh
ISPP’s response to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus

The health and safety of our community are of paramount importance at ISPP. We have protocols in place and our administration and nursing staff meet daily to review our response to this international health crisis. 

Our school has a protocol for responding to the threat of infectious disease, and our decisions are guided by this. The protocol includes the consideration of advice from trusted and verified sources, including the World Health Organisation, SOS International, the US Embassy in Cambodia, and local authorities. 

The Administration is emailing all parents directly with regular updates about our response and any changes to the school’s programme. The purpose of this announcement is to summarise our current position. The email will continue to be our primary communication tool for our community. 

At present, we are taking the following precautions on campus:

  • Encouraging good hygiene practices, including thorough handwashing and wide availability of hand sanitiser, and promoting measures widely across campus. 
  • Monitoring of students and staff by nurses as required and implementing strict responses to relevant signs of illness or fever.
  • Requesting those families who have travelled to China in the past month to stay at home for an appropriate period after their return. 
  • Requesting that parents monitor their children’s health and keep them home if there is any question about their fitness for school, according to our guidelines.

There have been some cancellations and postponement of selected school activities. Please note that the reasons for these changes are not because of potential increased risk of exposure to the virus, but instead for a range of practical reasons, as follows:

The annual Week Without Walls experiential learning programme and the Grade 11 field trip, scheduled for 3 – 10 February, have been cancelled. This is because of the potential for travel logistics to be interrupted by screening measures taken in neighbouring countries. We do not want to risk travelling students and teachers being held up or delayed due to unexpected external factors. 

All MRISA tournaments and activities have been cancelled, as agreed by the MRISA leadership team, until and including the first week of March, with a review after that time. This decision affects two tournaments outside of Cambodia that our students were scheduled to attend, and one event here at ISPP. 

ISPP student attendance at an International Swim Meet in Bangkok in early March has been cancelled, for the travel-related reasons outlined above. 

ISPP’s community event, International Day, has been postponed. While we are not cancelling events on the ISPP campus in general, we expect that attendance be adversely affected. We have postponed until such time that all of our ISPP community will be happy to attend the event. 

All other local sports activities and on campus, such as this week’s Grades 2 and 3 camp out, will continue as normal. 

ISPP’s administration appreciates the cooperation of all parents and staff in keeping our campus healthy.

– Lindy Leonhardt
Communications and Marketing Manager | Head of Admissions

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