Creativity in the Classroom

ISPP Elementary Creativity
Students express themselves through the arts as creativity is encouraged, valued and at the heart of ISPP Elementary school.

Every child is an artist; the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.

– Pablo Picasso

Creativity is at the heart of the arts. Students in Elementary have many opportunities to express themselves through the arts, both in single subjects and within the classroom. Creativity, imagination and original thinking are encouraged and valued.

ISPP Elementary Creativity

Grade 1 students during the past school year inquired into how “light, colour and sound can be used to express our creativity”. They spent hours observing and playing with shadows, light, prisms, colour and sound and studied artists who draw inspiration from these. They also visited the Sovanna Phum puppet theatre to see local experts storytelling through the use of shadows.

ISPP Elementary Creativity

Once they had been exposed to various tools, techniques and art forms, students created original works based on the unit’s aspect that inspired them most. Children’s interests were diverse, and learners made artworks including shadow art, light paintings, collages, mobiles, musical instruments, blacklight installations, sculptures, paintings, shadow “portals”, and stained glass inspired works.

ISPP Elementary Creativity

Our classrooms were once again filled with colour and beauty before switching to ISPP Online School again.

ISPP Elementary Creativity

Grade 1 Team

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