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For August – October 2023


ISPP Director Eileen NiedermannOne of the things that our community appreciates most about ISPP is our beautiful campus. Students, faculty, staff and parents frequently comment on our green spaces and wonderful facilities that create an “oasis” in Phnom Penh, a shelter from the busy, dusty and vibrant cityscape.

That said, our wonderful, purpose-built campus is approaching its 10th birthday and some needs are emerging around further enhancements. As we considered what would be most important to work on, we quickly realised that any additions or improvements would need to be considered in the context of the entire campus – a “system” rather than individual aspects. So, we contracted Education Design International (EDI) to conduct a master planning process for our campus. The visual below highlights some of the values and aspirations that have been emphasised.

Pedagogical orientation

In August, EDI sent a team to ISPP to consult with our stakeholder groups – school leaders, faculty and staff, parents and students. They toured our facilities while they were in action, met with teams to understand the ethos of the school, explored our vision for future educational models, considered sustainability and the environment, and tested the waters of design concepts. The site visit has led to a “Discovery Report” that reflects our values and aspirations for our campus.

Some of the key findings are outlined below:

  • ISPP has laid a robust foundation for teaching and learning and will continue to evolve to offer more innovative educational experiences in the future.
  • Any proposed changes must be future-focused while preserving the core ethos of the school.
  • Enhancements to campus facilities should establish stronger connections between the curriculum and learning environments.
  • Upgrades are needed in specialised facilities to sustain ISPP’s high-quality programming.
  • Long-term goals must be integrated into the planning process, facilitating systematic and phased upgrades.
  • There are opportunities to utilise existing resources more effectively.
  • Transformation of the campuses may include new construction, augmented by targeted renovations.
  • Revitalization opportunities exist, particularly concerning the lack of crucial amenities like lockers and restrooms.
  • Current facility limitations are impeding the school from realising its full potential and need focused attention.

The school values simplicity, humility, and responsiveness to its environment, principles that will be honoured in all developmental initiatives. These collective insights will be meticulously integrated into our Facilities Master Plan. This comprehensive approach aims to address both immediate challenges and long-term objectives while maintaining strict alignment with ISPP’s core values and ambitious vision.

ISPP Secondary

We are looking forward to the next stages which include concept development around a comprehensive plan for the entire facility. We will be sure to update the community as this process unfolds further.

Eileen Niedermann

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