Director’s Welcome

ISPP Director Eileen Niedermann

Dear ISPP Families,

Welcome back to all those returning this academic year and a warm welcome to all families who are joining us for the first time!

I would like to introduce myself as the new Director of ISPP. It is a distinct privilege to be able to serve the community in this role and I am honored to have been selected by the Board and community to do so. 

This past April, I had the opportunity to come to ISPP for a brief orientation visit. It was a time when the school was transitioning to more and more face-to-face interactions and there was a distinct sense of optimism and anticipation about being able to return to previously cherished interactions and activities. Since my arrival mid-July, the main office team and many community members have been incredibly supportive in helping me settle into Phnom Penh and the school. 

I have had my eye on ISPP for many years as a school where I would love to work. The values articulated in the school’s mission and vision are important, ambitious and meaningful. The school has done significant work in aligning the values, ethos and strategic direction. In particular, aspirations to community, inclusion, environment, global citizenship, philanthropy, and service are deeply significant areas with much scope for impactful contribution and learning. I am excited to be part of their journey to bring these aspirations into practice.

I believe that educational experiences for young people should be joyful and rooted in inquiry, creativity and exploration. The foundation of these beliefs lies in my conviction that all students have the ability as well as the right to learn and that we have an obligation to provide deep, meaningful, connected and significant learning that is deeply conceptual, evidence-based and which engages the learner and expands their horizons. The outcome of our educational process should be to develop students who are prepared for the challenges that they will face in life and who will positively contribute to their communities with a global outlook. 

I am joining ISPP after having served 6 years as the Director at Mahindra International School in Pune, India. Previously, I was the Secondary Principal at the Overseas School of Colombo in Sri Lanka and the Director of Curriculum and Professional Learning at Tashkent International School in Uzbekistan. I began my international school career at the International School of Tanganyika, Tanzania. My teaching interests have been mainly focused in the secondary divisions in the areas of Physics, Mathematics, Design and Theory of Knowledge.

My educational qualifications include a Master of Arts in Multicultural Education from San Francisco State University in California and a Bachelor of Science in Physics [Hons] and Mathematics from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. I am a graduate of the Principal’s Training Center for International School Leadership. 

I look forward to our time together – Learning together, growing together, each making a difference.


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