EY – Grade 1 & Grades 2 – 5 Sports Days

Tuesday 11 December | Thursday 13 December 2018 • ISPP Field

Sports Days are big events at ISPP! Our units of inquiry in PE centre around athletics for KG through Grade 5. And all our students right from EY take part in sports days.

Our EY learners participate in bike races, an obstacle course, target games, and running races. KG and Grade 1 students engage in rocket and rubber chicken throwing, long jump and tug-of-war activities, as well as hurdles and sack races.

Sports Day for the Grades 2-5 is divided into track and field events. Students compete for points in their house teams: Bayon, Mekong, Kouprey and Lotus.

Students do the high jump, long jump, and standing triple jump, throwing events, sack races and bike races. The running races involve 25m sprints, hurdles, 800m races, and a water relay at the end.

As always, everyone’s favourite tug-of-war ends the event. Students love participating in Sports Days and it’s great to see them showing great effort and having so much fun as they play and compete with each other.

For more photos, see our EY-Grade 1 Sports Day 2018 & Grades 2 – 5 Sports Day 2018 albums (Facebook).

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