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ISPP Career Talks
Discovering diverse careers through talks and activities, fostering students’ career development and aspirations.

This year in Secondary, we had our annual Careers Week (24-28 April) where students had the opportunity to explore a variety of careers. We have Career Talks, daily career-related posts on the Student Daily Bulletin and even career-focused advisory lessons. These are all in the hopes of achieving ISPP’s community goal to help students in their career development so they can research and anticipate potential career paths connected to their interests and abilities. We know that this is a long process of development which doesn’t only happen in the last few years at school. Therefore, we are given many opportunities to continue going through this process which will help us get a better idea of what our future careers may look like.

ISPP Career Talks

During Careers Week there were many activities which delved further into future career exploration. The activities available included several Career Talks during lunch which any student could sign-up and join. These talks ranged from a career in aerospace engineering to a career as an artist and an art teacher and to working for the United Nations. We dearly thank all of the presenters, which included parents, staff and alumni of the ISPP community, for taking the time to talk to us students and to help our understanding of their careers. These talks were available every day of Careers Week. There were 4-6 different career fields represented each day, with five to 45 students signed up to attend each talk, with a total of at least 140 students signing up for at least one session. This shows just how much we all appreciated these talks. Furthermore, the Student Ambassadors assisted the speakers at each career talk and ensured that everything ran smoothly.

ISPP Career Talks

Careers Week concluded on Friday with Career Dress-up Day where students were encouraged to dress up as the career they are aiming for or wear business casual attire. This was put in place to help raise awareness of the importance of career development.

Speaking as a student myself, I had a wonderful experience going to a number of these career talks. It was a helpful experience, as I had the chance to go to talks even if I was just curious about what the presenter would say but not necessarily interested in pursuing the career itself. This usually ended in realising that this career would not be what I would want to do. Oppositely, realising that yes, this is a career that I could see myself doing. I know that many other students had a similar experience and that we all benefited strongly from it and that we are looking forward to the next Careers Week!

Laura B
Grade 9 Student Ambassador

ISPP Career Talks

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