A fire blazed through the community destroying 48 houses and affecting the lives of more than fifty families
Sunday 17 March | Friday 22 March
Steung Meanchey
For photos, see Steung Meanchey Visit album (Facebook)

On March 17 a fire blazed through the Steung Meanchey community destroying 48 houses affecting the lives of more than fifty families. Our Grade 5 and 12 students were quick to send out the call asking ISPP families to donate water, clothes, insect repellent and such. Over the next few days, our pile of donations grew until we had more than a truckload.

Not happy with just sending a donation, the Grade 12 students wanted to visit the community, one student stating that the extra step of making the journey “feels more heartfelt” and that it would be “be encouraging and supportive for the community”.

Consequently, students visited the CCF community on Thursday afternoon and again on Friday afternoon. I was fortunate enough to go with them on Friday. We witnessed the blackened remains of houses but more importantly, we saw a community that was working together to support those families that had lost everything in the fire.

It was a privilege to watch our students working with the Steung Meanchey community to distribute the truckload of donations to the families affected by the fire. At first, our Grade 12 students were a little unsure of what to do and how to help but within minutes they were all completely involved in the passing out of the food, water and clothes. It was inspiring to see these students taking a deep interest in helping this community.

I would like to thank all of the families that donated and all the students that were involved in the collection and distribution of the donations. I am aware that there are other students besides our Grade 12s that have been instrumental in collecting donations also. It is a pleasure to be part of a community that is so quick to rally and support those in need.

For more photos, see Steung Meanchey Visit album (Facebook)

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