ISPP Elementary Show Choir

ISPP InChoir
“Before I didn’t sing a lot and just listen, but in the choir, I learned how to cooperate while singing with a lot of people.”

The ISPP Elementary Show Choir was created to give students who were already a member of InChoir (our 100 members elementary school choir) an opportunity to learn and perform more difficult music while fine-tuning some of their vocal techniques. Members consisted of auditioned students in Grade 4 and 5 and met twice a week during lunch to rehearse; this was in addition to their InChoir rehearsal commitments. The Show Choir was featured in elementary assemblies and also engaged in a wonderful collaboration with Mimi and the Merrymakers allowing them to perform for the greater Phnom Penh community.

ISPP InChoir

When school went online one week before their final concert, the Show Choir wanted to share one of their pieces through a virtual choir project. The InChoir directors; Ms Karyn, Mr Jon, Mr Steve, and Ms Danielle immediately began exploring the possibilities for a virtual choir and even recorded their own demos. Students individually, with help from their teachers, recorded themselves singing at home using the program Soundtrap. Once all recording and remastering were done, Molly D, a Grade 4 student and a member of the Show Choir, used the sound file and photos from their last performance to create the final performance video. The collaboration took one month to complete, and we’re sure you will agree the results are fantastic.

The Show Choir hopes you will enjoy their final performance of the 2020 school year:

Do You Realize?? by The Flaming Lips.

Special thanks to:

Members of the Show Choir who could participate in this project:
Seo Won, Alexandra, Victoria, Alan, Noelani, Emerson, Hinami, Akari

Members of the Show Choir who were with us in spirit:
Maliq, Thai Hak, Soyul, Emilio, Molly

The Choir Directors:
Mr Jon Banules
Mr Steve Gange
Ms Karyn Templeton
Ms Danielle Baird

ISPP InChoir

“I like the way all our voices sound together.”
Victoria, Grade 4

“I enjoy when we are on stage, I am kinda nervous but it is really fun and I really want to keep going with the choir.”
SeoWon, Grade 4

“Before I didn’t sing a lot and just listen, but in the choir, I learned how to cooperate while singing with a lot of people.”
Seungheon, Grade 4

“My favourite part of InChoir was when we played the boomwhackers.”
Constanza, Grade 5

“I like how we sing different parts and lyrics for everybody like in Splish Splash. I really enjoyed InChoir, especially with my friends!”
Keeley, Grade 5

“I really loved InChoir and that everybody had a part.”
Emilio, Grade 4

“My favourite thing about InChoir is hearing 98 children’s voices singing together, it is one of the most beautiful and powerful sounds I have ever heard.”
Ms Danielle

“My favourite part of the choir was working with all of the cool teachers and the dedicated, funtastic, music-loving students! I loved seeing how we started so rough, but through practice, we were sounding so smooth.”
Mr Jon

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