Phnom Penh Plunge | 2019

Phnom Penh Plunge
ISPP Annual Invitational Swim Meet
Saturday 23 – Sunday 24 November 2019
ISPP Swimming Pool
For photos, see Phnom Penh Plunge | 2019 album on our Facebook page.

Congratulations to the Floating Falcons on their excellent performance and great attitude on the Phnom Penh Plunge 2019 Invitational Swim Meet last weekend. We hosted 360 swimmers from 15 international schools in the region.

ISPP Phnom Penh Plunge

Thanks a lot to the ISPP staff who came to help us run the meet; without your support, this event couldn’t have been smooth and successful, thank you very much!

ISPP Phnom Penh Plunge

ISPP had 67 swimmers in the races and we won the overall competition; 22 new school records were set and our swimmers collected 66 medals! Best swimmers in the age groups were: Raining, Xac, Toki, Floyd, Erika, Edward, Lisa, Erik, Hanae and Lucas.

ISPP Phnom Penh Plunge

Congratulations to Lisa and Hanae for getting overall first place in their age group!

Thanks to Coach Anna, Coach Leti and Coach Jan for their hard work with the team in Season 1 and Mr Stanton for the help with organizing and running the meet.

ISPP Phnom Penh Plunge

Well done, chlorinated friends!

For more photos, see Phnom Penh Plunge | 2019 album on our Facebook page.
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