Tabloid Sports Day
Building school spirit, encouraging teamwork and getting students energised
Thursday 12 September 2019
ISPP Sports Field
FOR last year’s PHOTOS, SEE House Tabloid Sports Day 2018 ALBUM (FACEBOOK)

In tabloid sports, students participate in creative, physical and recreational activities while competing for points. They are divided into groups and emphasis is placed on everyone being actively involved. This is an ideal whole school activity – everyone gets involved in fun games outside, it’s a great opportunity for building school spirit, encouraging teamwork, and getting kids energised for the new school term!

Tabloid Sports Day Tabloid Sports Day

We encourage teamwork, good social skills and offer a positive experience for those students who consider themselves both  “sporty” and “non-sporty” as the participants challenge themselves.

Students should come to school wearing their colour t-shirt of their house team and ISPP cap.

Parents welcome!

Tabloid Sports Day Tabloid Sports Day

FOR more last year’s PHOTOS, SEE House Tabloid Sports Day 2018 ALBUM (FACEBOOK)
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