What is Professional Learning at ISPP?

ISPP Learning Centre
ISPP leads the way in professional learning for international and Cambodian educators

The Professional Learning Department at ISPP chases two objectives – first, to make ISPP the best “learning organisation” in the world for all ISPP staff, and second, to take the lead in creating learning and growth opportunities for Cambodian educators outside of ISPP. At ISPP we would like to be respected among international educators as a place where teachers always grow and learn, where teachers are supported and encouraged to innovate and bring new learning into the classroom every day. Beyond our own development, ISPP has a strategic objective to become a leader of professional learning in Cambodia offering consistent, world-class, no-cost learning opportunities for Cambodian educators in Phnom Penh and beyond.

To meet these objectives, the Professional Learning team designed and implemented more than 25 learning events and programmes last school year. We work closely with the Educational Leadership team and ISPP staff to make sure that what we offer is in line with what our “customers” want and need to learn.

Last school year, ISPP will hosted nine different international educational researchers and consultants to work with ISPP staff as well as offering weekend workshops for Cambodian educators:

  • Steve Barrett from The Wildwood School in Los Angeles is a well-known expert in social-emotional learning and his work focuses on building great student relationships and strengthening our secondary Advisory Programme
  • Kate O’Connell is the Head of School at East-West International School and Kate’s work with Compass Education focused on integrating sustainability and systems thinking into our curriculum
  • Deb Gibbs from New Zealand will work with ISPP teachers to help us leverage tools from the New Zealand maths system
  • Jennifer Chang Wathall is a well-known author, researcher, and consultant from Hong Kong specialising in concept-based education and Mathematics
  • J. Raphael Angel is a language acquisition expert working in Belgium and Raphael is focused on helping us strengthen our language programmes across the school
  • Gavin Grift is a renowned author and speaker in Australia; Gavin will continue to train our staff in Cognitive Coaching and launch his new Emerge Leadership series here at ISPP.
  • Matt Glover returns to ISPP from the USA this year to bring his innovative approach to children’s authorship
  • Kathy Collins, a well-known reading specialist, author and presenter from the USA will join Matt to create a unique integrated literacy event in February
  • Beth Skelton will keynote our ELLSA conference in March and bring her expertise in English Acquisition to ISPP and a large international audience

We are so delighted to invite these researchers and consultants to work with our ISPP staff and other Cambodian educators.

Kimsean Sun
Learning Centre Officer

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