Community and Service

ISPP acknowledges its place within the Phnom Penh community, both for the many distinct needs of that community and for the richness of experiences we gain from our engagement within it. We are a community- centred school. We encourage all students, staff and their families to take responsibility for and respond to the many needs within our community by using their talents and skills to serve and enrich that community. In so doing, ISPP aims to foster a life-long commitment to the values and benefits of service beyond school and to contribute to a better, more peaceful world.

Community and Service Mission Statement

Through community service initiatives, International School of Phnom Penh aims to develop caring, principled and responsible young global citizens. Community service projects at ISPP build relationships between the school community and local communities in need. By engaging in active service our young people are empowered to become informed, purposeful and active citizens who effect meaningful change.

Community and Service in the Middle Years Programme (MYP)

Community and Service in the Diploma Years Programme (DP)

Partner Organizations

Brochure - Service Learning projects