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Grade 2 & Grade 3 Overnight Camp Out
Friday 15 – Saturday 16 February 2019 | ISPP School Field
For photos, see Grade 2 & Grade 3 Overnight Camp Out 2019 album (Facebook)

As a parent, I know how much the students enjoyed themselves – the only time I didn’t hear about the camp when we went home on Saturday, was when either my daughter had fallen asleep, or I had!

Seventy children along with elementary teachers camped out on the field Friday night. It was a wonderful time for everyone including riding bikes, swimming, toasting marshmallows, playing football, singing around the campfire and joining in with a scavenger hunt.

It was a huge team effort to put on the camp for the students with lots of behind the scene support but it was worth it. It was a brilliant success! Many thanks to Ben for planning and organising the camp out and Anita, Tatiana, Theany, Sreinin, Karyn, Petra, Courtney, Erika, Lisa, Giles, Liz, Alison and all the 70 students for joining us.

If you ask many campers, they will report a maximum of 10-15 minutes of sleep time, it was a little higher than that… the excitement never wavered, and was probably at its highest at around 5am!

Just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for hosting the camp out. It was my son’s first time to sleep away from home and he enjoyed himself very very much. A telltale sign that camp out was loads of fun was that after his shower on Saturday, he slept most of the day. I had to wake him up to eat. He very much enjoyed all the activities. Again, thank you for offering such a great opportunity for kids to be independent, for them to just be kids without us parents around and for making it fun. Very grateful!

Thank you so much to all the faculty members who involved at the ISPP first Camp out! Our girls had such a great time with their friends. Being part of this was a great opportunity for our children to learn about teamwork, being independent in a safe environment! Thanks again for creating this lovely camp out for the Grade 2 & 3 students! The girls say the sunset at school was the best of Phnom Penh!

For more photos, see Grade 2 & Grade 3 Overnight Camp Out 2019 album (Facebook)
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